Dr Naoise Halliday

Animals, large and small, have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember.

From my first pet Nemo the goldfish, to Patch the trail ride pony, possums and birds in the backyard and our beloved family dogs, I have always held a special place in my heart for the four-legged, furry and feathered creatures of the world.

My Philosophy
I have both experienced and witnessed on countless occasions the profoundly beautiful impact animals have on people and likewise, people on animals.

It is a privilege to play a role in nurturing this incredible bond each day between our clients and their pets. I am very grateful to be part of such a compassionate and dedicated team of individuals who strive to consistently provide the best possible care to every creature that comes through the clinic doors. Being an advocate for the health and welfare of animals brings me much fulfilment and I could not imagine spending my time any other way.

Qualifications and Training
I have completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University followed by the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Extended Masters) at the University of Melbourne.

Additionally I have both volunteered and worked in various roles in veterinary clinics throughout my veterinary training. As a new graduate veterinarian I look forward to putting years of education and training into practice with the support and mentorship of the devoted Lynbrook Vet team in order to provide your pets with the care they deserve.

My Fur Family and Interests

In my spare time you can find me escaping to one of Victoria’s beautiful national parks to rock climb, hike and camp with my partner and friends.

I love any opportunity to surround myself with nature and if I’m not outdoors exploring, I’ll be spending cherished time with family and my two ridiculously cute and exceptionally needy Cavoodles, Nala and Otis.

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