Greyhound Services

Greyhounds are a magnificent breed and we recognise that these special dogs have unique needs related to their skin, eyes, dental health, musculoskeletal systems, delicate paws, and behavior.

They also require specific anaesthetic and pain management protocols.

Our team are passionate about providing greyhounds with the specific care they require and are dedicated to greyhound welfare.

Custom Greyhound Care

We are continuously expanding our skills in greyhound surgery and medicine to care for these super hounds.

With our experience and expertise, we can provide expert advice, medicine & surgical procedures for your beloved couch potato!


Greyhounds are notorious for feet injuries including corns and grit in pad.

Musculoskeletal concerns, including osteosarcoma and arthritis, can be common in dogs with a racing background.

Thankfully, our highly skilled veterinary surgeons can help diagnose and treat greyhounds suffering from such ailments.


Skin dermatitis and eye problems are common amongst our greyhound friends and something we see and treat regularly. 


Greyhounds commonly have issues with their teeth and often require dental cleaning procedures under anaesthetic.

These beautiful dogs require specialised anaesthetic protocols, monitoring and tailored care is required due to their unique physiology. We focus on each dog as an individual, customising their treatment plan to their specific needs.

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