Educational Videos About Caring For Your Pets

Since 2018, the Berwick Clyde Vet team have been providing the community with veterinary care through our sister clinic, Lynbrook Vet.

As we start a new chapter here at Berwick Clyde Vet, we will begin to create our own new video content but in the meantime felt it best to keep these informational videos here and available to help you.

If your pet is experiencing health or other issues, by all means feel free to get in touch with us directly!

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Shampoo Therapy

At this time of year we often see pets suffering from allergies.
Shampoo therapy can be a very effective way of helping to treat and settle allergies but only works if used correctly.

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Superficial Digital Flexor Tendonectomy for Greyhounds with Corns

In this video, Dr Kunal explains the newest surgical solution to treating greyhounds suffering from corns- Superficial Digital Flexor Tendonectomy.

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How to brush your pet's teeth

Nurse Bec and her cat Annabelle have a chat about how to brush your pet’s teeth and other options you can use to keep your pet’s dental health in tip top shape helping to slow down dental disease.

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Treating Ear Infections

Treating ear infections used to be a challenge but thankfully, not anymore!

When Kenzie was  diagnosed with an ear infection we knew administering drops every day would be a challenge but thanks to a special, compounded ear medication the treatment process was stress free and easy!

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A greyhound's sore foot

Something as small as a piece of glass or grain of sand can be all it takes to cause a greyhound to act as if their entire leg is broken!

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What Happens When You Leave Your Pet At Lynbrook Vet

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when your drop your pet off for an anesthetic or procedure? Come behind the scenes with Pia the Greyhound with us today and find out!

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How much should I feed my pet?

In this video, our Veterinarian Kunal, discusses how to follow feeding guides on your pet’s food.

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Pet dental care and preventing dental disease

In this video, our Veterinarian Alina gives an overview of best practice in caring for your pet’s teeth.

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Pet First Aid Kit

In this video, we have put together a custom first aid kit with everything you need to ensure your pet is safe in an emergency.

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A common Greyhound problem: Grit In Pad

Greyhounds are sensitive creatures and have very delicate pads. In this video, our Veterinarian Kunal, shows what happened to Slim.

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Applying a topical treatment

When it comes to using a topical treatment for your pet, it is important to ensure you are applying the product correctly and safely. In this video, nurse Angella explains how to do just that!
Special thanks to Cutie the cat who was due for his Revolution flea and worm treatment and was the purrfect little model!
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Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome (BOAS)

BOAS disease in dogs refers to a particular set of upper airway abnormalities that affect brachycephalic dogs. Brachycephalic (squishy-faced) breeds are dog breeds with a short muzzle.
Dogs suffering from BOAS may have issues with their nostrils, tonsils, larynx and soft palate.

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