Stress & Fear Free Vet Care

We pride ourselves on being a Stress Free Clinic for you and your pets. 

We understand how a trip to the vet can be stressful for some pets, and our goal is to minimise this stress and help make them, and you, feel as comfortable as possible at visits. Our aim is to help make visiting the vet a positive experience! 

What is a Stress Free Clinic?

It is exactly what the name suggests! As a stress-free vet clinic, we focus on reducing pet anxiety during visits. 


How do you reduce pet anxiety?

We create a relaxed environment, employ gentle handling techniques, and positive reinforcement to ensure pets feel comfortable and at ease. Our team are trained to handle pets with compassion, aiming for a fear-free experience that fosters a positive and reassuring atmosphere.

We take the time your pet needs and focus on your pet’s body language to ensure a safe and calm visit for all. We take extra steps and preventative measures to minimise overwhelm and stress in your pet whilst at our clinic.

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Why do you have Feliway and Adaptil throughout the practice?

Feliway (for cats) and Adaptil (for dogs) are pheromone-based products that mimic calming scents/hormones for cats and dogs, helping to relax and calm your pet during their visit to our practice.

In our reception area, we apply Feliway to blankets that are then placed over your cat’s carrier as you arrive and throughout the visit. If your cat stays with us for the day, the same calming blanket accompanies them. You can also leave your pet’s favorite blanket, bed, or your jumper with us to provide a sense of safety and calm with familiar smells.

For dogs, we use Adaptil in a similar way, applying it to cute bandanas for your dog to wear during their visit. Additionally, we use automatic pheromone diffusers throughout the clinic to provide extra relaxation during your pet’s stay.

Feliway & Adaptil can be used at home or in your car before your pet’s journey to visit us, aiding in reducing stress right from the start!

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Do you offer private waiting areas?

Certainly! We understand that personal space is essential for some pets. Not all animals enjoy being around others, and some may get scared by enthusiastic new friends, no matter how friendly they are.

To ensure every pet’s comfort, we offer private waiting rooms. You can book one in advance or call us from your car before entering reception. This technique reduces stress and anxiety for your pet and can also be helpful for you. It’s especially beneficial if you have a hard-to-handle pet or a dog that is strong on the lead, boisterous, or potentially reactive. The private waiting space allows your pet to wait for their vet visit on their own terms.

For our smaller, exotic patients and our feline friends, we have a separate consultation room where no dogs are allowed as well as a separate waiting area in reception. This ensures your pet is away from dogs and people, giving them the space they need to remain calm in clinic. 

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How do you manage difficult or stressed pets?

First, we focus on understanding your pet’s background and reading their body language, which requires training and experience. Each animal expresses emotions differently. for example, did you know some dogs such as Dalmatians and Golden Retrievers, will bare their teeth and ‘smile’ at you? For these breeds, this behaviour which to the untrained eye may look like a snarl, can actually be very normal and mean they’re super happy!

We value your pet’s communication and never discourage growling or hissing, as it indicates discomfort. Understanding their behavior helps us prioritize their physical and mental well-being.

In some cases, medication, like anti-anxiety treatments, can be transformative for pets and families. We also explore natural alternatives, like Zylkene treats, pheromone sprays, familiar scents, and acupressure using Thunder Shirts.

Our dedicated team tailors solutions to suit your pet’s needs, guiding and supporting you throughout their veterinary journey.

Whatever the method, our team are here to help guide and support you and your pet on their veterinary journey, tailoring options to suit you.

At Berwick Clyde Vet, we take immense pride in ensuring every patient feels calm and at ease during their visit. Our dedicated team strives to provide the highest level of care. If you have an anxious pet or if you’re feeling anxious yourself, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We understand and are here to help!

Rest assured, we will go above and beyond to assist and accommodate you and your pet, making your visit as pleasant as possible. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

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