Microchipping has become an essential part of responsible pet ownership, providing numerous benefits for dogs, cats, and rabbits alike. This small, permanent identification tool has proven to be a game-changer in safeguarding pets and reuniting them with their owners when they get lost.

Our veterinarians are accredited to microchip your pets and our service includes lifetime registration with a microchip database register. To be microchipped you are required to have a Source Number.

Ensuring Safety and Recovery
One of the most significant advantages of microchipping is the increased likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners. Microchips are tiny, rice-sized implants inserted just beneath the skin of your pet. They contain a unique identification number linked to your contact information in a national database. If your beloved companion goes missing, animal shelters, veterinarians, and rescue organizations can quickly scan for the microchip and access your contact details, facilitating a swift reunion.

Lifelong Identification

Microchips are a permanent form of identification that lasts throughout your pet’s life. Unlike collars and tags, which can easily be lost or removed, microchips provide a secure and reliable way to prove ownership of your pet. Whether you move to a new home or travel with your furry friend, their microchip remains a constant link to your contact information, ensuring their safety regardless of the circumstances.

Complying with The City of Casey Council Requirements
The City of Casey Council has introduced regulations regarding pet ownership and microchipping. According to the council’s requirements, all dogs and cats must be microchipped by the age of 12 weeks. These regulations aim to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of strays and unplanned litters in the area.

Microchipping Rabbits and small pets
While microchipping is more commonly associated with dogs and cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and even birds can also benefit from this form of identification. These intelligent and curious creatures, are prone to exploration and potential escape. By microchipping your smaller pets, you increase the likelihood of a safe reunion in case they wander off. Additionally, microchipping can help verify the ownership of your pet if they are found by animal welfare organizations.

Peace of Mind
Microchipping offers pet owners invaluable peace of mind. Knowing that your beloved companion has a secure identification method greatly reduces the anxiety and stress associated with losing a pet. It ensures that, if the unthinkable happens, your contact details are readily available, increasing the chances of a happy reunion.

If you would like your pet microchipped or want to know more about this service, please call us on 03 5902 7087

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