Dr Kunal Nagaich

Principal Veterinarian

About Me:

I am one of the principal veterinarians at Lynbrook Vet and Berwick Clyde Vet.

I have been a veterinarian for over 10 years, and I can say with certainty that there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I enjoy the company of my patients, their owners, and my team every day. Each day is exciting with new challenges, new problems to fix, and more animals to help and make better. There is so much variety—you never know what the day will bring except for an immense feeling of job satisfaction at the end.

My Passion, Purpose & Motivation

My purpose is to be an inspirational, courageous, and faithful leader who gives freely of myself to help others succeed at work and in life. Lynbrook Vet and Berwick Clyde Vet represent our efforts to make a tangible difference in the field of veterinary science. It is my aim to provide our staff with an exceptional work environment and, through them, to provide our clients and patients with the highest levels of veterinary care.

My Qualifications & Experience

I graduated with Honours in Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne. I have since completed year-long distance education courses in Small Animal Surgery, Clinical Pathology, Internal Medicine, and Dermatology from the University of Sydney.

Having a growth mindset, I learn on the job each day. Every difficult case and surgery is an opportunity for growth and becoming better. I enjoy performing advanced surgeries such as Superficial Digital Flexor Tendonectomy, Urethrostomies, exploratory surgeries, fracture repairs, BOAS procedures, and many more.

My special interest is in the field of leadership and coaching. I want every team member to feel safe, supported, and heard so that they can realize their potential and find and fulfill their purpose. I am pursuing training as a professional coach and enjoy bringing a coaching approach to my leadership.

My Family and Hobbies

I am a husband and a father. Neha, my wife, is an organisational psychologist and helps immensely at both the clinics. We are blessed with two beautiful girls, Dhaani and Noor, both at school. They love animals so much that they cannot see them in pain, and unfortunately, that rules out vet science as a career for them… but there is still time!

I also have more “children” in my greyhounds and pigeon. Becky is our resident Pigeon; she is quite the character. She loves to attend zoom meetings and provide her two cents’ worth! We also have 3 greyhounds—Babloo, Piya, and Zara—all of whom have been wing-picked by Becky! They are your typical greyhounds, lazy and crazy at the same time. They love their walks and, most importantly, their couch. They are very affectionate and are my walking companions. I would be lost without them.

In my free time, which I do not have much of, I love reading and going for runs.

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