Angella (Angie) Clarkson

Senior Veterinary Nurse

About Me

I have been a veterinary nurse for 20 years, and during that time, I have had the opportunity to look after many different species of animals. Before becoming a nurse I was a wildlife carer for  Australian wildlife. My first encounter with wildlife was when I was 6 years old and found two young ringtail possums in my backyard. I was fascinated with them and the care they needed to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Growing up, Steve Irwin was my idol. Knowing how passionate he was about promoting wildlife conservation, education and research, I knew that caring for wildlife and domestic animals was my calling. I love our Australian flora and fauna and feel so proud to live in this wonderful country.

I also embrace the social support and emotional comfort domestic pets bring to our daily mental health. Pets reduce stress, provide companionship, fulfil the human need to touch, and require routine and organisation, bringing about a sense of purpose.

My Passion, Purpose & Motivation

As my career has grown my purpose and motivation has changed. When I first began my veterinary journey, my primary focus was conservation, wildlife and learning to be a veterinary nurse.

I am passionate about the care and treatment of exotic pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs and thoroughly enjoy learning about their anaesthesia needs. Together with my team, we have created a clinic where these pets are able to receive the same level of care as the more commonly seen dogs and cats.

I continue to grow in my role and this has led me to mentoring and coaching junior veterinary nurses. This is where my ‘why’ has finally come to fruition. I’ve been honoured to mentor, coach and lead the nursing department and help continue the wonderful culture that Dr Kunal and Dr Alina envisioned. I enjoy learning and challenging myself, often stepping outside of my comfort zone to achieve new nursing skills and personal growth. I hope to continue to lead by example and give upcoming veterinary nurses the opportunity to learn in a caring environment where culture is prioritised just as much as taking care of animals.

My Qualifications & Experience

After finishing high school I worked full time in the hospitality industry. Whilst working, I managed to fit in a volunteer position at the RSPCA where I helped look after the dog sales area, cleaning, talking to clients and helping adopt out dogs. This was a great learning experience and a stepping stone into the veterinary industry.

I enrolled in a Diploma of Natural Resource Management. I worked part time in hospitality during my studies and continued to volunteer at the RSPCA. I was still extremely passionate about animals and decided to take on more volunteer opportunities which saw me volunteer at the Bimbimbee Wildlife Park and Moonlit Sanctuary.

Due to my love of Australian wildlife, I took the opportunity to become a wildlife foster carer under the guidance of a shelter operator on the Mornington Peninsula. I later ran my own wildlife shelter for 12 years. During my time volunteering with wildlife, I became a committee member with AWARE (Australian Wildlife Awareness Rescue and Education), attended many wildlife conferences and seminars, helped run wildlife awareness days with AWARE, attended multiple wildlife rescues (including many days at bushfires), and even wrote a book that is still being used in rescue bags today.

After completing my Diploma, I realised that work in the natural resource industry was scarce and that is when I applied for my very first veterinary nurse job.

In 2021 I was offered a position at our sister clinic, Lynbrook Vet and I am so proud to be a part of these wonderful veterinary clinics. I cherish every opportunity that I have been given and have gained substantial growth in my nursing skills and worked hard to further develop my personal skills. Since starting at Lynbrook Vet I have had so many opportunities including training by species-specific vets in exotics, in particular rabbits.
In 2022, I took on a leadership role as head surgical nurse and became a mentor for trainee nurses and new nurses coming into the clinic.

My Family & Hobbies

I was fortunate to grow up in a loving family and I cherish the bond I have with my Mum, Dad and two beautiful sisters.

I live with my partner and we our two beautiful daughters. In my spare time I am kept busy running my daughters from dance lesson to dance lesson, or competition. I love watching them thrive and be able to express themselves on the dance floor. I also love spending time outdoors (amongst our beautiful Australian fauna and flora) sewing, reading and spending time with my extended family.

My furbabies include a Rottweiler named Bear, a Sheltie named Lucy, a cat named Pringles, two Guinea Pigs Jasmine and Jacinta, two adorable rabbits named Ghost and Milky and an array of chickens and ducks!

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