Alana Scott

Veterinary Nurse

About Me

Growing up, I always wanted to have a career that made a difference; one that I could look back on when I’m old and grey and be proud of the positive impacts I made. I entered the veterinary industry in 2020 and am now working as a Veterinary Nurse here at Berwick Clyde Vet.

My Passion, Purpose & Motivation

I had a number of different career aspirations throughout high school, but none that ever felt quite right. I realised that working with animals was my true calling, so I decided to follow that passion and here I am today, lucky enough to have such a rewarding career.

My Qualifications & Experience

I began my studies in 2020 where I completed my Certificate II Animal Studies followed by my Certificate III in Wildlife and Exhibited Animal Care at Melbourne Zoo. During placement, I was lucky enough to work with so many amazing animals, including natives, birds, reptiles, invertebrates and many different carnivores (including my favourites – the Big Cats and Meerkats!).

I officially began my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nurse in 2023.

I was lucky enough to get my first job in the veterinary industry at our sister clinic, Lynbrook Vet. I began my career in the industry as an Animal Attendant, before transitioning to Client Services, Consult Nursing, and then eventually into Surgical Nursing. I now classify myself as an ‘all rounder’ nurse, with abilities in each clinical department.

My Family & Hobbies

I am definitely a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. I currently have 3 cats (with room for more of course) and 4 beautiful fish of various species.

Tasha is ginger and white, and she is a sweet elderly girl. She would certainly win the contest for best cuddles!
Millie is a grey tabby, who I just love and adore. She has such a big personality, and is still like a kitten at heart!
Finally, Sidney is a tortico (what I use to describe her funky mix of calico and tortoiseshell!). She takes the phrase ‘Naughty Torti’ a bit too seriously!! She entertains me endlessly, and is always on the prowl to attack and play.

Outside of work I keep myself entertained with a variety of hobbies. I enjoy watching horror movies, arts and crafts, exercising, being outdoors and reading.

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