The Pursuit of Excellence

A message from Dr Kunal

Growth is a core value at Lynbrook Vet and Berwick Clyde Vet. A growth mindset is encouraged in all team members. Having a growth mindset means that we view challenges as opportunities, we embrace constructive feedback, focus on the process and not on the outcome, learn and grow from our failures, push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and are inspired by the success of others. A growth mindset allows us to better ourselves as individuals and as a team, so that we can provide our patients and their owners with the absolute best of care. 

How you ask, does us having a growth mindset have an impact on you and your pets?

Well for one, we are not satisfied just being in our comfort zone and push ourselves to be better. This means that we are constantly upskilling our abilities and equipment to ensure we can offer the most advanced treatments and diagnoses to our patients, all under one roof.

As an example, in the last 6 -12 months, we have introduced two new surgeries: Perineal Urethrostomy and Gastropexy in the clinics. These have involved our vets going to training courses, learning these complicated procedures and implementing them in the practice. A perineal urethrostomy helps male cats from future urinary blockages, a painful and costly condition. The gastropexy is a preventative lifesaving surgery to prevent Bloat in large and deep chested dogs such as German Shepherds, Greyhounds and Rottweilers etc. We have successfully performed quite a number of these surgeries in the clinics now, saving lives and precious dollars for pet owners.

As a team we have always embraced feedback both constructive and positive. We view feedback as gold, especially when it is constructive, because we learn from it, and it helps us be better. We have regular training sessions within our clinics around feedback and how it should be given and received to have the maximum positive effect on our team. These sessions are facilitated by our in-house organisational psychologist, Mrs Neha Arora-Nagaich.

Feedback internally helps improve relations within the team and makes for a happier team. The smiles that you see when we greet you in the clinic, or which you hear when we answer the phone, are the result of this strong feedback-culture we have within our teams.

We encourage all our team members to focus on the process and not the result. This helps people try new things and is good for mental wellbeing and resilience. We control what is within our circle of influence and try not to worry about the rest. This allows us to push the envelope of our capabilities, to be kinder to ourselves and leads to mental peace all of which is good for our wellbeing. As a balanced and happier team, we can serve you and your pets better!

A growth mindset is key to who we are. We thank you for your encouragement and support, and for your generous positive and constructive feedback. Without your support and patronage, we would not be able to thrive as we do. So, thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

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