Rose Walker

Veterinary Nurse

About Me
My passion for animals started at an early age and I have always known I needed a career involving them. My bedroom as a child was like a real-life zoo. Containers filled with injured snails and caterpillars, most with band aids on, piled up in my room. It wasn’t unusual for a wild bird to be zooming around either. I’ve always been very drawn to animals and growing up especially being quite shy, animals were my best friends. Even though they can’t say a single word, they offer you affection and unconditional love. Being able to help animals every day, just as they help us by putting a smile on our faces, is my purpose and passion. My deep empathy for animals runs in my veins and has guided me to become the caring nurse I am today.

My Passion, Purpose & Motivation
Some pet’s can get anxious when coming to the vet, I know this from experience with one of my own dog’s who can be reactive towards other animals and people. Using ‘fear free’ handling techniques is something I hold close to my heart and I am passionate about ensuring every patient has the best experience possible when visiting the vet. I like to use lots and lots of treats to build a positive association and I respect each pet’s boundaries. I read their body language and limit noises and sudden movements, to minimise their anxiety. There are lots of other techniques we use to help anxious pets and I am always looking for ways to improve a patient’s experience. “Anxious”, “reactive”, “aggressive”, “nervous” – These are all words that describe an animal that is scared and I endeavour to make sure that every single pet that comes to Berwick Clyde Vet feels as safe as possible.

My Qualifications & Experience
I began my career in Vet Nursing in 2020 when I commenced my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. In 2021 I began working at Lynbrook Vet and couldn’t be happier with the progress I made there! I have learnt so much and have grown into a nurse I am proud of. I have developed a particular interest in surgical nursing and ‘fear free’ handling. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful pets and pawrents and look forward to continuing to do so here at Berwick Clyde Vet!

My Family & Hobbies
My furry family includes 2 dogs and a cat, all of them are rescues which I have adopted over the years.

Brodie is a Labrador mix, he is super cheeky and will do anything for food! My newest addition is an American Staffy X Rhodesian Ridgeback, his name is Goose. He is the sweetest boy with his family, however struggles with new environments and new people. I go to training with him every week and he has been improving so much! When in his happy place, home, he loves cuddles and is obsessed with tennis balls! Together these two cheeky boys are often tearing around the house, wrestling over toys!.

Last but not least I have a black cat named Finnick. He definitely thinks he is a dog! I see him planning these little sneak attacks on his doggie brothers all the time. Despite only having 3 legs, he is surprisingly speedy!

As you may have been able to tell from a few of my pet’s names, I am a massive movie watcher! Finnick named after Finnick Odair from ‘The Hunger Games’ and Goose named after Goose Bradshaw from ‘Top Gun’. I am also a massive reader and love to get stuck in a good book before I head to bed. I really enjoy going for long walks with my dogs- we love going to new, cool places around Melbourne to adventure!

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